We thought our first blog would be a grand description of what we do here on the farm  or an in depth narrative about the wonders of Irish Dexter cattle, Sustainable farming, barnyard construction, rotational grazing, biosecurity, grass fed beef, or such.  Instead, we had a brave hungry  soul wander into our pasture the day we started constructing this website–a starving,scared, abandoned puppy.  We would like to dedicate this opening blog to him. Once brought into the house he briefly tried to play with a stuffed dog but would stop and curl up to sleep.  After a few good meals and a nights rest he has been started on the road to a better  healthy happy life thanks to partnering with  the Addison County Animal Shelter.  Once healthy and neutered he will be available for a loving home.  In the mean time, the shelter has allowed us to come and walk him—–our hearts want so much to keep him but a few logistics need to be addressed to make sure we could give him the proper home soooooo…we ask that anyone reading this will take a second and wish the best for this little guy–he deserves it!   And welcome to Spotted Dog Family farm(yes, you guessed it, named  because of the love of those canines–current resident is named “Hawk”, a rehomed 7 year old goof of a Dalmatian).